10+ Online Jobs for Teenagers That Pay (Jobs for Ages 13 and Up)

For most adults, getting a job while in high school was not much of a choice. It was the only way to raise sufficient pocket money to buy whatever one desired. These jobs included gigs like babysitting on weekends or working the tables at a restaurant. Today’s teens might see these types of part-time jobs as outdated. 

On the other hand, being the target of your teen’s constant demands for money in this economy can be overwhelming for any parent. Did you know you can point them to online jobs?

There are several online jobs for 13-year-olds available today. According to Pew Research, almost 50% of teenagers across the USA admitted to using the Internet almost constantly. This has nearly doubled from the figure obtained in a 2014-2015 survey of the same demographic. 

Recent surveys also point to changing figures based on teen access to smartphones and laptops. Based on Pew research, houses with more than $75,000 in annual income also had 96% of teens with access to smart devices and the Internet. 

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Teens are not all that different from adults when it comes to their need for information and a strong desire to connect with friends. The intelligent parent takes advantage of their teen’s online presence to steer them towards online jobs for teenagers that pay no experience needed.

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Pros and Cons of an Online Job for Teens

In the past, it was essentially common to find creative ways to give money to teenagers. The young workers helped to deliver newspapers and pack bags at stores. As times change, however, the phenomenon of working teens is becoming rarer. Let’s focus on the advantages and pitfalls of getting an online job for teens. 

The benefits include:

  1. Online jobs for teenagers offer a broader perspective on budding young adults’ lives. Working online enables teens to mix with various people they might not have had the opportunity to interact with, expanding their views beyond the world around them. 
  1. Part-time jobs are famous for boosting teen self-esteem. Online jobs for 13-year-olds come with a sense of empowerment and personal achievement that provides enhanced autonomy. A growing sense of responsibility also allows teens to slowly detach from the parental cocoon, which helps them mature and grow into adulthood.
  1. A teen who earns his or her own money is usually more able to appreciate its value. The ambitious 13-year-old realizes that money needs to be made. It does not materialize from anywhere. The extra responsibility of doing budgets forces teens to learn how to plan their finances and discover the joys of budgeting. 
  1. Online jobs for teenagers who pay with no experience also impart essential life skills, including dealing with various problems that arise at work. The work experience is vital for a glowing resume and opens doors to better jobs in the future. 
  1. Regular work attendance for teens builds essential time management skills, which enhances responsibility and decision-making. 

The drawbacks of online jobs for teenagers:

It is no secret that high school teens are under a lot of pressure to perform and excel. Taking on an online job can place added burdens on their shoulders that some may not be ready to cope with. School life is stressful enough for most teens, and a job would drain their concentration and energy levels in most cases. 

Jobs that regularly take up more than twenty hours a week harm teenage school attendance and overall performance. The teens’ grades start to plummet once this threshold of hours worked per week is reached. A lot of teens also come in with unrealistic expectations.

Thousands of teens Google ‘How can a 13-year old make 300 dollars fast?’ hoping that a search engine will help them get rich overnight which is simply not realistic. Putting hours of work in can stress anyone out, especially someone who has just discovered how much of their paycheck goes to the IRS.

Sustained long hours of work is a contributing factor for alcohol and drug abuse among teenagers. Their naivety and inexperience mean that they are easily exposed to adult vices such as smoking and alcohol abuse. 

Unless protected and offered guidance, teens who work hard at part-time jobs are liable to be mistreated and exploited by malicious employers due to their inexperience and naivety. As a result, these teens exercise and sleep less, and also spend less time with loved ones. 

woman working online at a cafe

How Can I Earn Money as a Teenager (Online)?

The COVID-19 pandemic and the accompanying curfews and lockdowns have led many people to remote working (working from home). For teens, this situation has opened up many great opportunities to make good money working online. 

As opposed to a traditional after-school job which requires one to be present physically, remote jobs produce creative ways to give money to teenagers. The teenagers can work their schedules and from home. Payment is usually received via online platforms such as Venmo and PayPal. It is up to the parent to set up a PayPal account for a teen 13 years or older.

The most productive ways for teens to make money online include taking online surveys from companies such as Survey Junkie, OpinionInn, and Swagbucks. Enterprising teens looking to make extra cash can also engage in customer service jobs such as Uhaul and music review jobs such as Slice the Pie, where one gets paid to listen to music. 

Jobs for 13-year-olds also include website testing gigs and online tutoring where teens can teach whatever they are good at, including language and music. Online writing is also lucrative, and it only requires excellent writing skills and the ability to do independent Internet research. 

Complete Surveys Online

Among the most creative ways to give money to teenagers, paid surveys are a great way to earn extra cash. The teens also have a say in what the businesses create and sell, giving them a sense of partnership.

Some unique paid survey sites also pay teens to download apps, watch videos, and vote in the polls. The first thing to check is the age limit since different survey sites have additional age requirements for teens. In addition to this, online jobs for teenagers who pay with no experience require patience and persistence. 

One should keep in mind that the most lucrative surveys for cash usually limit the number of people who can complete them, and once the quota is reached, the survey link is disabled. Thus speed and timing are crucial if one is to get a good gig. 


Rated among the best-paid survey sites for teens 13 years and above, Swagbucks provides a broad array of ways to make money. There are alternatives for teens who do not want to spend time doing surveys, such as playing games and watching videos online for pay. 

Swagbucks’ paid surveys most easily earn rewards. The minute an enterprising teen makes 2500 SB’s, they can easily withdraw $25 in cash into PayPal (which has to be under an adult’s name). Alternatively, teens can cash out online paid surveys for gift cards from Walmart, Amazon, etc. 

Overall, Swagbucks is a fantastic option if you are not only looking to do paid surveys online for cash.

Survey Junkie

Billed as an online community and survey site, Survey Junkie mainly earns revenue by providing feedback to consumer research organizations. The input generated is utilized in improving services and products sold to buyers and consumers. 

The site is different from scam sites that require you to pay money to take surveys. With over four million members, Survey Junkie offers jobs for 13-year-olds that they can complete in their spare time. The site enables companies to receive feedback from consumers by providing members with automatic direct survey jobs and third-party panels. 

To show the legitimacy of Survey Junkie, the site has a high rating of 4.5 out of 5 on TrustPilot. 

teenagers working together

My Points 

Launched in 1996, My Points is one of the best options for teens looking to make money online doing paid surveys. The site provides creative ways to give money to teenagers by earning real cash, answering unique surveys, shopping online, and doing web searches

Teens can also make money watching videos and ads and playing new games. One advantage of My Points is that it indicates how many points a survey pays and how long it takes to complete it. Several surveys pay less than $1, but plenty pay $2 to $4, which is many points. 

On My Points, teens can expect to answer questions about brands, the products they use, and similar market research inquiries. 

Inbox Dollars

In keeping with the trend of the other survey sites, Inbox Dollars also offers teens a way to earn money for playing games, searching the web, and obviously, taking surveys. Started in 2000 by Darren Cotter, Prodege acquired the site in 2019. 

Having been around for more than 20 years, Inbox Dollars is a legit way for enterprising teens to make money. Despite the available offers on the site paying out only a few cents each, the paid surveys can net you roughly $0.5 to $5 each. Payments are usually made through PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and ePayments. 

Inbox Dollars paid surveys vary from 25 cents for a 20-minute study to $2 for a 10-minute survey. Teens can also get paid for watching videos, and they choose which videos they want to watch. 

Other ways to get paid via Inbox Dollars include shopping, where teens can earn cash back for purchasing from major brands via the site, and printing coupons, where one can get free coupons on the site and earn money for printing them. 

Start Taking on Work as a Freelancer

For today’s lucky teens, finding online work that pays well is much easier than it was in the past. Many of these remote jobs spend just as well as on-site jobs. Freelancing is a particularly lucrative niche for creative teens who can think outside the box and have verifiable skills to offer. 

Freelance gigs available for enterprising teens include content writing, graphic design, programming, tutoring online, and voice-overs. Many companies are looking for freelancers to complete internal projects, especially in these harsh economic times brought on by the pandemic.

Content writing involves creating web page content for businesses that they can use on their site and blog articles. The pay for content writing is usually per word, and strong writing and grammar skills guarantee good income.

Tutoring online is one of the best freelance jobs a teen can engage in. Although older students and teachers usually do tutoring, teens can still find a niche platform to tutor their peers for a fee. Teens can provide online tutoring for subjects they’ve mastered and teach languages to non-native speakers. 

Graphic design gigs involve creating unique and attractive graphics and images for companies and businesses to use on their websites. Graphic designers are also usually paid on a per-project basis. Strong visual design skills almost always lead to consistent good pay as a freelancer online. 

Start a Blog or Podcast

podcasting together

Picture this; there were only 23 blogs on the entire Internet in 1999. In 2021, there are more than 505 million of them online. The US alone is a massive market for well-crafted blogs and podcasts featuring informative content. 

As a teen blogger, you will spend a lot of time writing about your passionate topics. These can include sports, video games, animals, your life, and fashion. Although blogging is not an instant cash cow, building traffic over time eventually generates significantly more money. 

To get started with your blog, you only need a website that you can build yourself on the WordPress platform. Afterward, you will create your blog content, making sure it is understandable and engaging. After adding a couple of blog posts to your site, you can look up how many people visit your site via Google Analytics. 

After generating some traffic, it is advisable to join an email marketing platform such as ConvertKit, enabling you to sign people up to your email list and reach out to them via emails regularly.

Once you hit about 1000 visitors per month, you can start exploring the various ways you can make money blogging.

A different equally lucrative opportunity lies in starting a creative podcast. You earn money creating podcasts and receiving payment from sponsors. The best part about being a teen podcaster is you get to work your schedule and pace. 

To be successful at podcasting, you’ll need to learn how to use various audio editors, quality audio recording, acoustic rooms, etc. A quiet room, Audacity software, and a high-quality microphone are enough to get started for a beginner podcaster. Of course, you will also require a highly engaging topic to attract and retain listeners. 

A point to note while launching a podcast is to not sound too robotic on the microphone. You are encouraged to talk naturally and incorporate some emotions when talking. You can feature a guest on the show as well. Once you are done recording, edit the podcast using the specialized software you acquired previously. 

Take On Work as a Graphic Designer

Graphic design is one of the most creative ways to give money to teenagers by creating enticing illustrations and catchy images for various brands. These products include mascots, infographics, logos, photo, and picture editing, and text layout designs.

Budding graphic designers can get paid $10 to $15 per hour. However, there is more than enough work available for enterprising teens to make a decent sum of money in the field. After receiving your parent’s consent, you can then acquire graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop, which costs $10 per month.

Teens can also enroll in online graphic design courses from platforms such as Udemy and After acquiring the necessary skills, teens can get part-time graphic design work on media such as and 

As a professional graphic designer, you can expect to make between $40000 and $50000 per year. You can earn a lot more once you learn enough to venture out on your own as a consultant. 

Become a Mobile App Developer

The world is awash in mobile apps and software. All of them were crafted by mobile app developers. As an app developer, you can expect to create apps that run on Android and iOS. As a teen mobile app developer, you will need to brush up on your coding skills first.

Mobile app development is a highly competitive field where payment depends solely on how good you are. Novice developers can start by learning a programming language depending on their target platform, i.e., Swift for iOS and Java or Kotlin for Android. Next, build a couple of apps and launch them to the app stores.

After you have built a few apps, you will have confidence and the portfolio to attract new clients. App developers are paid hourly, and the pay is good. However, novice developers can earn $15 per hour to build their skills to reach advanced levels.

Become a 3D Modeler

3D modeling for teens is mainly associated with utilizing your computer skills to work on projects to model objects in 3D for games, science, engineering, architecture, websites, and advertising. 

This job is especially suited for creatives with an artistic background. Entry-level 3D modeling gigs pay about $10-15 dollars. 

Take On Work as an Audio Editor

Teens who prefer to work with sound equipment and are musically inclined can do part-time work in audio editing. Audio editors are specialists at creating perfect sound pieces for clients from their audio files. Files can include lectures, music, interviews, and even conversations. 

Ideally, skilled audio editors can quickly remove weird or unnatural noises and harmonize the sound levels in the audio files. 

woman working on editing audio material

Specialize In Data Entry Services

In the conventional sense of the term, data entry specialists convert paper and image files into computer-based formats that everyone can use and edit. As a teen data entry specialist, you can expect to spend much of your time transferring information word for word from one source to another. 

If you work hard and learn multiple ways of efficient data entry, you can quickly make a lot of money by building a list of trustworthy clients. However, the tradeoff requires high levels of concentration since the job can become mundane after a while.

Become a Social Media Influencer

It’s 2021, and almost every teenager uses social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. As a social media influencer, you will primarily share links to company profiles and products on your social media accounts and get paid for it. 

The catch here is that you need a large social media following to effectively market products and services. If you already do, all you need to do next is obtain the links and share them on your profile. Get as many of your followers as possible to click on the link, and you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

FAQs About Online Jobs for Teens

How to Find Online Jobs for Teens?

With restricted movement during the COVID pandemic, many teens struggle to find traditional work such as mowing lawns and waiting tables. Teenagers are turning to online sources for remote, part-time jobs. 

First, you can work from home even on your regular job. The most compatible jobs here are those that teens can do on laptops, computers, and tablets. Next, use job search sites such as FlexJobs to look for remote work opportunities. Ensure you refine your search using keywords such as “remote” and “work from home.” 

What Online Jobs Pay the Best For Teens?

Working as a teen, you have to balance school work, relationships, housework, and extracurricular activity. Online jobs provide a flexible way for teens to find work that matches their skills. As long as you’re comfortable with technology, you can find various positions, including traditional customer service and product sales.

The best-paying jobs for teens include customer service representative work, e.g., scheduling delivery trucks and filling out survey forms. Getting paid to do Internet searches is also a good option. For creative teens, graphic design work pays well. 

You can also do various short tasks for $5 on Fiverr, such as writing poetry, writing short songs, and writing content. 

What Is the Best Way to Save Money Using a Challenge?

A no-spend challenge is one of the most efficient ways to save money. For teens and even adults, a no-spend challenge is where you go for a set period without spending any money. The ultimate goal is to save more, which translates to more assets to pay off debt or save up new gadgets and devices. 

Challenges will also show you if you are an impulsive spender who uses the money for unnecessary stuff. You can organize the challenge into no-spend days and weekends or no-spend months. A weekend is excellent for beginners. You can also do an entire week without using any extra cash. This quickly exposes your spending habits and what you love to splurge on. The one-month challenge takes extreme dedication and meticulous planning. 

The only expenses are gas, Internet/phone bills, food, and bills such as rent, electricity, and mortgage. Costs not allowed include eating out, hair or service nails, entertainment, and online shopping. 

What Are Some Online Typing Jobs for Teens?

Typing jobs for teens pay well. One can make up to $10 to $15 per hour typing, with the only requirement being a high typing speed and accuracy. Such jobs include transcription, which involves typing out recorded conversations. 

Teens can also do data entry, such as filling in online customer details for new insurance company clients. Customer support is also a type of typing job that teens can excel at. Chat support requires strong communication skills, while proofreading gigs require a mastery of language skills, 

Creative writing is also an excellent typing job for teens with a good imagination. 

Wrapping up the list of online jobs for teenagers

For a teenager willing to strike out into the job market, finding a relevant job may be an uphill task. What’s frustrating is the work experience required, but you can quickly work around this by getting an online job. 

Online work only requires the Internet, a computer, and requisite skills. The most lucrative niches in remote work for teens include content writing, tutoring, customer support, developing mobile apps, photo and image editing, website development, and typing or data entry gigs. 

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