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Where To Buy Postcards Near Me: 11 Stores That Sell Postcards

Is there anything better than getting a postcard in the mail? How about one with a hand-written letter on it from a dear friend? 

Yes, there is. Being the one who sends a postcard. 

Postcards are a fantastic way to brighten up someone’s day by letting you know you’re thinking about them. But they shouldn’t only be for family and friends. Postcards can also be an effective marketing tool to help you promote your business.

Just think about a customer receiving a handwritten postcard in the mail from you. It will knock their socks off knowing you took the time and intentionality to pick it out, write the note, and drop it in the mailbox. You can use postcards to write a quick thank you, drive people to your website, extend an invite to an event, or share about a new product or service. They are so versatile! 

Now, you’re probably asking, “Where can I find postcards near me?” Usually, you only hunt for postcards when you’re on vacation, right? Most of us think postcards are only found in exotic places with beautiful landscapes. But once you start to look, you’ll notice that they’re all around you. 

This article will help open up your eyes so you know exactly where to buy postcards.


Walmart sells postcards online and in-store. Keep in mind that in-store options will vary so check online before you head into the store. Walmart probably has the widest array of postcards you can find, including:

  • Travel and U.S. Maps
  • National Parks
  • Wild Animals 
  • Seaside Beach 
  • Motivational Quotes
  • Blank Postcards
  • Avery create-your-own


Amazon is an excellent option if you want to purchase postcards in bulk. You’ll be able to find national park landscapes, vintage postcards, animal fun fact postcards, funny pun postcards, and much more.


Target sells postcards online only. They sell watercolor painting postcards, world travel postcards, puppy postcards, wild animal postcards, patriotic postcards, and more. Many options are bulk packs of 40. 


Walgreens sells postcards in-store and online. You can design postcards with whatever photo you’d like. This is a great option for product promotion or an upcoming event. You’ll also find thank you, congratulations, travel, thinking of you, save the date, and just because postcards.


This list wouldn’t be legitimate without greeting card giant Hallmark. While their postcard lineup is currently limited, there are some options, especially seasonal postcards. But Hallmark only sells postcards online.

United States Postal Service 

The United States Postal Service (USPS) sells a variety of postcards in-store and a couple of options online. The best thing about buying postcards from a USPS branch? You can buy a postcard stamp there, too. (Remember that postcard stamps are only $0.40!)

Book Stores

Barnes and Noble is one of the largest book stores in the country and they sell postcards online. They sell beautiful collectible postcards featuring different periods and locations. If you want to shop in person, you may be able to find postcards at a smaller book store chain or a locally-owned one near you.


If you’re on the creative side and can’t find what you’d like, then why not make your own? You can open a Canva account for free and start making your own postcard design today. You can order right from Canva or choose to print them yourself.

Truck Stops

While the retail stores mentioned have good options, they may not have that local flavor you want. That’s where the following alternatives shine. The first is truck stops. Suppose you have a close friend who just moved away and you want to send them something that will remind them of home. It might surprise you that postcards at a truck stop may have some of the most beautiful scenes in your area. 

Gift Shops

Whether you’re in the city or the country, chances are there’s a small gift shop that tourists would find charming. Do you know what tourists love? Yep–postcards! The great thing about gift shops is that you don’t need to be a tourist to be a patron! Can’t find a stand-alone gift shop? Check out a local museum. Typically, museums have gift shops you can access without purchasing a ticket.


Airports are a perfect place where you can find postcards. Of course, remember that most airport souvenir shops are past the security area. So unless you have a boarding pass, you will not be able to access those. However, some airports may have small kiosks where they sell magazines and newspapers before security. You might be able to find postcards there. If in doubt, call your local airport to ask before making the trip.

Conclusion: Where to Get Postcards? Everywhere!

There are so many places where you can buy postcards! Probably more than what you would expect. Whether you try the big box retailers, an online store, or a local shop, you should be able to find something that suits your style. Postcards can also help you connect with your customers personally. They can be a game-changer in your marketing strategy. Now that you know where you can find postcards pick up a couple–or a few dozen–and see how they can help your business!

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