You have probably heard of the cash envelope budgeting system if you have read enough budgeting articles and personal finance websites. It is one of the most well-known budgeting techniques and one of the easiest.

To get started you are going to need cash envelope template pdf which is what the article will help you with. 

I consider it to be a variant of the zero-sum budget since it works on the principle of giving every dollar a job. 

When you are using the cash envelope budgeting system, you will decide what each category of your expenses is allowed to spend in advance.

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How does cash envelope budgeting work?

To break it down for you, here is what a cash envelope system looks like in 4 steps:

  • You create a list of categories of all of your household expenses. This list will include stuff like transportation, miscellaneous costs, personal spending, etc.
  • You create a zero-based budget where you assign a certain amount to each category. So, for example, $300 for dining out.
  • You use cash envelopes (this post has some of the best cash envelope template pdf options) to store the money for each category so that you have to take out money from that category’s envelope every time you need to buy something or pay for something. So, for example, now that you have budgeted $300 for the dining out category, you will add $300 in your dining out cash envelope every time your paycheck comes in.
  • At the end of the month, you take anything that is left or extra and put it back into your savings account. 

The cash envelope system forces you to keep track of your finances and maintain a budgeting system so that you can save a certain amount of time. While it can be frustrating and hard, the cash envelope budgeting system definitely pays off in the long run. 

It is perfect for people who struggle to keep to their budget since it forces you to stay on track.

Cash Envelope Template pdf Options

When you are just starting out with cash envelope budgeting, it seems like the only think up for offer are a pack of white office envelopes that simply do not do the trick. A simple budget envelope template pdf can make it far easier to sort through the madness and keep track of your financial goals.

Unfortunately good ones aren’t easy to come by.

This list is full of some of my favorite money envelope template pdf options that you can digitally download of Etsy. All of the options on this list are below $8 with most of them being less than $5.

Etsy is a platform that houses independent sellers which means your money will be supporting small businesses as well. 

While this list is full of awesome options, saving money may be important to you or you may be new to envelope cash budgeting. In that case you could for a free cash envelope template pdf. You can download this one now:

21 Cash Envelope Templates That You Can Download Now

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Hopefully this list has helped you narrow down on a money template pdf option that can help you get started with your cash envelope budgeting.

These cheap envelopes definitely make budgeting more fun and this method keeps you on track without being boring.

If you have your cash envelope template ready to go but are looking for some guidance before you get started, watch this easy tutorial: