make money blogging in 2020

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I recently created a tutorial for anyone looking to start a blog. I consider this a very important Part 2 to that article if you want to monetize your website or make money blogging.

I have said it before and I will say it again. Blogging is not only the ability to write. You also need to work on your ability to digitally market your products. 

Extremely simple digital marketing techniques will be the key difference in whether you earn $2000 a month on your blog or $20,000 a month. 

For example, bloggers who earn more are 4.3 times more likely to research keywords before posting.

Simple stuff like knowing that listicle articles perform better and that how-to blogs are viewed more will give you more traffic. 

Do not just work on creating an amazing blog post, make sure you back it with some basic digital marketing techniques. ( Keep reading for a few tips)

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links and I earn a tiny commission if you purchase something using those links( at no additional cost to you). I only recommend products I love and trust.

Here is an infographic to help you take a quick look at what we are going to be talking about today:


1. How to make great blog content ideas come to life

I have already discussed how you can start a new blog post but what should you write about?

 It is really important to have a blogging niche because if you do not, you just wind up looking lost. You cannot be posting about fashion one day of the week and finance the next and expect your readers to trust your judgment.

Having a niche will also help you reach your target audience. For example, if you own a parenting blog, a mom could potentially sign up for your e-mail list if she likes a certain post.

 On the other hand, if your blog lacks a niche, the possibility of a reader coming back for more is significantly reduced since you are only giving them one article regarding what they are interested in.

How do I choose  a blog niche?

Finding a profitable blogging niche that you can write about should be your final aim. 

I have talked about the importance of having a blogging niche in my article about freelance businesses and this applies to starting a website as well. Once you narrow down on a niche, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I know enough about this topic to create multiple blog posts?
  • Will I be able to make this profitable?
  • Am I passionate about this niche?

Here is a list of over a 100 blog niche topics to get the ball rolling. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Travel
  • Beauty
  • Culture
  • Once you have narrowed down on what you want to write about, you need to start coming up with ideas. 

    Depending on your niche, you can use these websites to find blog post ideas for your website:

    Once you have narrowed down on a blog post idea, you should come up with a great headline. A good headline should have these qualities:

    • Try starting the headline with a number like '10 Steps to...'List  articles are proven to be more  popular and they get in more leaders.
    • Make sure you give the reader what they are looking for in the headline. So, if your blog is about starting a website do not try to get too fancy with the headline. This may confuse potential readers. Keep it simple with something like: 'How to Start a Blog and Monetize it in 2019'
    • Use words that will help your content get bookmarked. 'How to' articles are incredibly popular for  a reason. 

    This will affect the way your site ranking on Google. You can use the CoSchedule headline analyzer. It is free and amazing. I use it for all of my blog posts. Here is an example:

    ( A score above 70 is what you should aim at. Do not let the tool do all the work for you though. Do not make your headline sound robotic just to get a 100)


    When you go on to write your blog post, make sure you include tons of great keywords. Here are some of the tools I use to get keywords:

    Keywords help Google rank you better but make sure you do not add too many because than it looks unnatural and stuffed

    How long should a blog post be?

    According to Backlinko, a 2000 word post will receive a much higher Google rank than anything shorter. Take a look at this graph that they created to demonstrate the value a long blog post has:

    A lot of people think that having a longer blog post will mean fewer readers because of the short attention span that most people struggle with. That is not true at all. 

    Giving readers a thorough, long post will reign in the right readers that will actually use the products you are talking about. I have always said that having 20 good blog posts is far better than having 100 generic ones.

    Use images for every post

    Make sure you use amazing images for every post that you create. Make sure you do not use copyrighted images though as you may get in trouble with the owner. 

    A copyrighted image is an image that is owned by a certain website or company. So, all of those images that come up on Google are not exactly free to use. Here are some resources that provide free images:

    Create an editorial calendar

    Now that you have the right tools to write a blog post, you should also try creating a calendar of blog post ideas that you need to post. 

    This will keep you working by giving you a schedule to follow. You can simply use a Google excel sheet to create a month-long blog post idea calendar. You can also use this free editorial calendar template to get you started.

    TIP: Make sure you change the name of your images. You readers may not care but Google sure does. Having an image named 'shdsahdiwhd9q.jpg' vs 'blog-how-to.jpg' will make a difference when it comes to your ranking.

    2. How to promote your blog

    Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links and I earn a tiny commission (at no additional cost to you) if you purchase something through those links. I only promote products I love and trust.

    So, you have put all of this work into your blog and you have FINALLY got it up and running along with a few amazing blog posts. New problem: 

    You are not getting enough or any traffic. This is something every new blogger has to deal with and it can drive you insane. 

    Along with the tips I gave you before to rank higher, here are some things you should do to get traffic:

    First of all, you need to narrow down on a few social media platforms that you want to use. Having 7 different social media profiles is just going to distract you and your readers.

    I use Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook and display them like so:


    Pinterest is probably the most important of all for me. So many new bloggers underestimate what Pinterest can do for them. 

    Creating a profile on this platform should be very high on your priority list. It is one of the most visually appealing social media platforms there are. 

    Take a look at this:

    Pinterest works on the concept of Pins that link to articles or web pages. Most big businesses use it and almost every blogger does. You can also create boards to save similar pins together. A pin is a visually appealing  picture that gets potential readers to take a look at your article.

    Once you have your profile up, make sure you follow these steps to get the most out of Pinterest:

    1. Give your Pinterest Profile a name that will help with search results. Something a lot of bloggers do is use their first name and then add something like 'Wedding Dress Ideas+ Venues'.

    For example, my Pinterest name is: Freya | Blogging Tips & Making Money From Home

    This helps Pinterest rank you better because it knows what industry your profile is pinning about.

    2. Make sure you create a business profile when you are using Pinterest for your blog. That way your profile has more authority and you can attach your website link to it.

    3. Consider using Pinterest advertisements if you are new to the game. They can really help you improve your reach. They have some of the best returns for your investment that you could ask for. ( Tip: If you do decide to use advertisements when you creating your advertisement campaign, make sure you set your Cost Per Click at $0.10 This will give you the best RTI)

    4. Consider adding the Pinterest widget to your sidebar as I have done. You can do this by following the instructions given on this Pinterest page.


    5. The ratio of your pins should ideally be around 564x846.

    6. Try using the featured boards feature by visiting settings>> Edit Profile>> Featured Boards. This will help you feature your best boards so that profile visitors see what you want them to see.

    7. Make visually appealing pins by using the best software known to any Pinterest profile owner- Canva.

    8. Create Boards wisely. The name of your boards can affect the ranking of your pins. Here are some of my boards if you need inspiration: 


    Second, on our list is Twitter. Go ahead and make a profile if you haven't already because Twitter is great for blogs. Here is what my Twitter profile looks like:

    Once you have your profile up, make sure you follow these steps to get the most out of Twitter:

    1. Make sure you use keywords in your Twitter bio that correspond to your industry. This will help like-minded people find you.

    2. Do not be afraid to use hashtags left, right and center. They are amazing to get attention. The hashtag #writingcommunity literally brings authors from everywhere. It is great if you are looking for advice.

    3. Use loads of infographics in your tweets. It is what's hot everywhere right now. Visual stuff rules.

    4. Make sure you link your website to your Twitter bio as I have done. It helps you get more visitors.

    5. Try to have a good follower-following ratio. That means try to have more followers than people you are following. It helps with credibility.

    6. Post frequently and engage with people from your industry! You may get a job opportunity out of it for all you know!


    I do not focus on Facebook as much as I focus on Pinterest or Twitter but I do think it is necessary all the same. Having a Facebook page could give you a couple of extra viewers. 

    Creating a page is super simple if you already have a Facebook account. If you are on a desktop, go to the Create tab that is on the top and select 'Page' which is the first option.

    For all of those super private people out there, do not worry. Your friends will only get notified about your page if you invite them to like it. You do not have to. Here is what my Facebook page looks like:

    Once you have your profile up, make sure you follow these steps to get the most out of Facebook: 

    1. Use hashtags on all of your posts.

    2. Make sure you share all of your blog posts with a great picture. You can create one that is perfect for Facebook using Canva.

    3. Take a screengrab of your blog/website and make it your cover photo.

    4. Update your about section with a little paragraph about your website and what you are trying to do.

    5. Make sure you add the message me button on your page so that people can reach you easily.

    3. How to Monetize a Blog


    Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links and I earn a tiny commission if you purchase something using those links( at no additional cost to you). I only recommend products I love and trust.

    There are tons of ways you can monetize your new blog so you just need to figure out what works for you. Here are some of the most profitable ideas:

    1. Become an affiliate 

    Becoming an affiliate for a product is the best way to make money through a blog. This is because it cuts out the middle man, for example, Google Adsense. 

    It is also great for new bloggers because most advertisement companies like Carbon Ads, for example, ask you to have a certain amount of traffic coming towards your blog. 

    Some companies also need your blog to be at least 3 months old. Most companies that offer affiliate programs do not have any prerequisites. 

    Here is how an affiliate program normally works: You sign up with a company whose product you have used, believe in and want to sponsor. 

    They will give you a link as well as banners in some cases to use as you wish. You can sponsor the product through your content, as a banner on your website, in a social media post, etc.

    For example, I am an affiliate for Bluehost and receive a commission if someone purchases a product through my referral link. This is at no additional cost to the buyer. If anything they get a discount through my referral link. So go ahead and help a girl out by clicking my link if you choose to start a blog.

    2. Use an advertisement company

    This is probably the most well-known form of website monetization. You sign up with a company like Google Adsense or Carbon ads and allow them to post advertisements in certain places of your website.

    While this may sound like a super-easy way to make money, it is not. You will earn peanuts if you are a new blogger. It is only big publications like Cosmopolitan and The Washington Post that can truly profit from this method. 

    Nonetheless, you should sign up with an advertisement company if you are in the fashion industry, home decor or lifestyle of any sort. 

    Even if you are not, having one or two ads across your website is a good idea to get some pocket money. Just do not expect too much out of it and do not add too many ads.

    3. Amazon Affiliates

    Even though Amazon Affiliates is technically an advertisement company, I am giving it a separate sub-section. 

    This is because I like Amazon far more than other advertisement companies. It allows you to create custom ads that focus on products that you want to advertise and it even allows you to use links. It is super flexible and easy-to-use.

    It also has better commission percentages than other advertisement companies. Here is what it looks like to customize an advertisement: 

    As you can tell, there are tons of options. So, I do suggest signing up for Amazon Affiliates.

    4. Create a course/e-book

    Selling an e-book or course to visitors is a great way to make cash. You do not have to split the profits with anyone else and you are promoting something you created.

    Take some time to create a great e-book and it could profit you for years.

    5.  Subscriptions

    This method is for seasoned bloggers who have a steady amount of traffic. You could make some of your content available only to premium user. These premium users could pay you a fee every month to keep accessing the content that you have set as premium.

    6. Sell Products

    Creating a product of your own and selling it through your website can be super profitable. 

    For example, if you are a fashion niche website, you could sell your own clothing that you have designed via your website.

    7. Sell Ad Space

    If you reach a considerable amount of traffic, you could sign up with a certain company and give them an agreed upon place on your web page to advertise their services.

    8. Ask for donations

    Some websites even ask happy customers to donate. Wikipedia, for example, runs on donations since it is a free tool a lot of people use.

    9. E-mail list

    Once you grow your list to a considerable amount, you could send e-mails to your subscribers sponsoring certain products within informative content. You will be reaching people that have already shown an interest in your website which means there is a better chance that they will respond. According to HubSpot, e-mail generates 38$ for every 1$ invested. This means that it has a 3800% Return On Investment- higher than most other form of advertisement. 

    I would suggest using Convert Kit because it the best option out there and I can bet most bloggers would agree with me. 


    No matter what monetization method you have in mind, remember that you should diversify your income as much as you can.

    Do not put all of your eggs into one basket because if the program that you are an affiliate for suddenly shuts shop, you are doomed.

    Make sure your income is coming from many different sources so that you are never too dependent on anybody else.

    If you have any questions, reach out to me in the comments!

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