Who doesn’t love some carbs?

Toast is normally just limited to the ‘eggs and toast’ combination by most of us but it is capable of so much more.

Whether it is recipes, dinner or easy meal ideas– there are plenty of toast recipes that can get the job done. 

One of the big bonuses of toast recipes is that pretty much anyone can do it- with or without culinary skills.

11 Easy Toast Recipes for Breakfast

1. Avocado Toast


Found on cookinglight

This simple open toast avocado recipe is perfect for any millennial out there and it does not take long to make at all.

A mixture of avocado, salt, pepper, olive oil, and lemon juice mashed together make for an awesome toast topping. you can even add some scrambled eggs on top of everything if you want to try something new and full of flavor. 

If you want a good open toast recipe, this is it.

2. Cauliflower Melts


Found on countryliving

This one can work really well as a light dinner. Jill Donenfeld, writer of the book Better On Toast, talked about cabbage melts and won the hearts of hundreds with the idea.

There is some sweetness in this recipe too that comes from the raisins and it is pretty simple to make. The combination of white wine, cauliflower, raisins, cheese, parsley, and pistachios make for a pretty yummy snack.

3. Fig Bruschetta


Found on whiteonricecouple

After tossing the figs into the oven with some vinegar and brown sugar, you puree it in a blender and then keep it in a fridge until its cool. This neat little mix of ingredients makes for an amazing toast topping that is pretty innovative as well.

Check out the whole recipe here at whiteonricecouple.

4. Peach Toast

Found on themeaningofpie

When it comes to sweet toast recipes, this simple peach and sour cream combination is sweetness heaven for any breakfast lover. It is crazy simple to make and takes a few minutes at best.

Perfect for morning school runs or if you are late for work. Get the recipe here.

5. Brussels Sprouts and Ricotta Toast


Found on thenoshery

If you are feeling like doing something healthy with carbs on the side, try this toast along with milk ricotta, some Brussels sprouts and pancetta.

It is perfect if you want something creamy and crunchy with a little sour kick on the side.

Get the recipe in detail here.

6. Spinach rarebit with poached eggs


Found on olivemagazine

This soft runny egg on top of toast is heaven on a plate. Below the egg there is a layer of rarebit mixture and the whole meal is a great veggie take on the traditional Welsh rarebit.

It takes about 10 minutes to prepare from start to finish and is perfect if you love runny eggs.

7. Marinated Piquillo Pepper & Whipped Eggplant Toasts

Marinated Piquillo Pepper and Whipped Eggplant Toasts Beauty + A160111 + Food & Wine + Handbook: Chef Pages + Mad Genius Tips + Cravings + Vegetable + May 2016

Found on foodandwine

After searing Spanish piquillo peppers and marinating them in a mixture, you add some whipped eggplant on top of toasts. The peppers go on top and you get a delightfully tangy breakfast meal.

8. Chili Cheese Toast

Found on spicebangla

This simple chili cheese toast is pretty much a staple in a lot of Indian kitchens and is super easy to make. 

If you want a kick of spice and cheesy goodness added to your toast, try this easy toast recipe here.

9. Poached Egg and Avocado Toast


Found on pinchofyum

Another avocado recipe! 

Try this poached egg avocado toast for a great morning start. The recipe from pinchofyum includes avocados, eggs, heirloom tomatoes, whole grain bread and cheese as the main ingredients.

Who knew healthy could be this tasty?

10. Challah French Toast


Found on toriavey

This challah french toast recipe that includes banana as its secret ingredient is a great take on the classic french toast. The banana addition to the coating makes the toast really fluffy and lovely to taste.

It is great for a weekend breakfast treat and challah goes perfectly with the french toast recipe. The fluffy challah bread soaks in the coating well and it is a step up from your average french toast.

It takes less then 20 minutes to cook and is pretty simple to make overall.

Here are some of my favorite ingredients:

Meal Prep Tools

Now that you have got some easy toast recipes, let us talk about some meal prep tools that could help you out and make your life easier. If you are looking for toast recipes, chances are you do not have much cooking time. These tools can help:


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These innovative toast ideas are great for anyone who wants to shake up their daily breakfast meal or even just have a fun and tasty brinner (breakfast dinner).

Try these recipes one by one as the days go by and make a family favorite recipe out of one of them.