Shop Policies


The CollectingCents Shop currently accepts PayPal payments.


After you purchase your product on our website, you will immediately be taken to a page that allows you to create an account and access all of the products you have bought from CollectingCents.

Sometimes orders may be delayed if the payment method has not processed payment immediately.

The payment can also be pending for a more extended period, depending on the payment method. Once your order has been received, you will get a confirmation email on the email address that you provided while checking out. The email will serve as the receipt of purchase and will also hold all of the information needed to access your product downloads.

Customers will receive an email to help with this process within 30 minutes of making a purchase but if you do not receive any emails or cannot access your product, please contact me at freya @


If you wish to use images that I have posted on my website, please do credit me or ask for permission at freya @


I stand behind my products and your satisfaction with them is extremely important to me. However, because most of my products are digital goods delivered via Internet download, I have a strict no refund or exchange policy on digital products.

Additionally, we do not allow any sort of credits towards future products if you are no longer wanting the item you purchased. This is due to the product being delivered upon confirmation of purchase and me having the inability to receive the file back. In short, you will always have access to the file.

Orders made due to a lack of research about the product will not be granted. Please make sure you read the title and description of the product you are ordering carefully before proceeding with the purchase.


Here is what you are allowed to do:

  • Print printable files for personal use.
  • Save printable to device for personal use.

You Cannot:

  • Share the file with anyone via email, USB, or any other means.
  • Sell the printable file to anyone else.
  • Sell print outs of the printable file to anyone.
  • Upload the high resolution file to the web.
  • Use the printable files or print outs in giveaways without permission.
  • Edit, manipulate, or use the printable file on products for sale.
  • Use printable files for ANY commercial use.

Purchase does not transfer rights. Copyright of designs & worksheets remains with the artist. By purchasing digital items from this site, you have agreed to the full terms of use listed above.