Hi, I'm Freya

After being in the freelance business for 3 years and making a living online, I started this personal finance blog to teach my readers how to work from home, budget their finances and make money online.

Understanding how to plan my finances and stay on top of things has let me stress less and have a more flexible schedule. 

It also gives you the ability to be debt-free which is something that can change your life. Having to pay monthly student loan payments 10 years after you finished your degree or make mortgage payments at 40 is no way to live.

I talk about everything and anything related to personal finance and money on here.

More about me?

When I am not being an entrepreneur, blogger and freelance writer or trying to figure out ways to minimize my costs and maximize profit, I travel as much as I can. My favorite places so far have been Vietnam and Brazil with Poland being my next destination if all goes well. I traveled across Brazil alone but have been doing every other place after that along with my boyfriend.

I have also worked at an NGO in Brazil, the not-for-profit organization AIESEC and for some great brands like IDA Ireland ( the FDI company for the Government of Ireland); all of this has helped me figure out what works in the world of online businesses. 

If you are here to figure out how to start a blog or get your finances in order, head over to the blog tab from the menu on the top. If you have any further questions for me, make sure you reach out!

You can shoot me an email at [email protected] or have a chat with me by  reaching out on twitter!

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I hope you get in touch!