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Hey! My name is Freya Laskowski, the founder of Collecting Cents. 

Before this blog became a successful finance blog and I started to educate myself on personal finance, I was pretty much in the same boat you are probably in now.

I spent money on things that did not matter and went through a good part of my younger years trying to deal with everything from insecurities to anxiety by getting a new pair of jeans. 

A lot of people deal with credit card debt, counting pennies to put food on the table, and having to worry about retirement. 

This blog was started at the point in my life when I decided I really did not want to live like that. I can’t imagine being part of the corporate world at this point in my life. The idea of a company pushing me to the point where I have no energy left only so that I can survive does not sound like a good game plan to me.

I started this website to put my thoughts to paper (or keyboard), reach people who are in a similar position as I once was, and to create a community around that goal that a lot of us share. 

I don’t focus on the ‘paid off $50,000 in debt in 6 months’ stories because they simply aren’t true (unless you very suddenly become a trust fund baby). 

I try my best to focus on the real stuff- finance tips that I believe can help you get to where you want to be the right way.

The right way? I believe that means understanding the way to work the market to your advantage, budgeting your ass off, and figuring out ways to generate a passive income. 

It does not matter whether that income is small or big, what matters is that it is growing, supplementing your main income, and consistent.

A lot of what I talk about comes from my own personal experience and if I learn something knew, you guys will be the first to know.

Not being able to raise a few hundred dollars during an emergency or not investing what you have are problems you should not be dealing with.

Understanding how to plan my finances and stay on top of things has let me stress less and have a more flexible schedule. 

Working online means I get to experience things that a 9-to-5 simply would not allow me to and truthfully I have spent years understanding the ins and outs of the world of entrepreneurship because being able to call the shots in my own life matters to me.

More about me…

After this website started making a few thousand dollars, I started a second business that focuses on helping companies improve their rankings on Google through backlinks and good SEO practices. 

At this point, I have managed to make my online pursuits a six-figure business and of course there are months that are simply bad months but in general, the internet has been full of opportunity for me and also for plenty of others like me and you.

Whether you are here to budget, ditch your 9-to-5, make retirement less stressful, or all of the above- you are in the right place. 

You can start by taking a look at the menu on top of this page and going through the different categories (making money, debt payoff, credit, etc.). 

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