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Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links such as the link to the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Program. I have been as honest as possible during this review and this is based 100% on my personal opinion on the course. I have included what I found helpful, how it has helped me and whether I think you as a potential buyer should go for it.

If you have been in the blogging world for a few weeks, you have probably heard of the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course. It is pretty well-known and its creator is pretty famous in the blogging world.

Michelle from started her blog back in 2011 and has gradually turned it into an online business that generates over $100,000 every month. 

Michelle Shroeder-Gardner has helped countless people grow their net worth with the help of blogging after shifting her focus to earning so that she can live life debt-free and doing what she loves. 

The biggest chunk of her income is affiliate marketing which is probably why her most famous course is the one we are talking about today.


Here are some of my thoughts:

Is it the Best Affiliate Marketing Course on the market?

Most of Michelle's course is text and it does not contain as many videos as some others I know or have taken do. This has a few benefits and a few cons. 


  • You can breeze through the course because it is all in text and you can read it anywhere. I finished it in a week.
  • It is easy to go back and find something later on whenever you may need it. (Referring to a certain second in a 20-minute video is a litter harder)


  • It is not as immersive as some other courses where you get to lay back and watch someone show it step by step on their own laptop or desktop which is something some people really value.

This was probably the first thing I noticed about the course before I even bought it. (You can view the course curriculum of most courses beforehand) 

TIP: Go over to and scroll down to take a look at the curriculum. 

This will help you figure out whether you will benefit from the course. Read the general topic names and think about whether it seems like something you would like to learn.


The second thing I noticed pretty much immediately was that it did cover some stuff I already knew because I had been in the blogging area for a while. 

So, if you are a complete beginner at affiliate marketing, this is honestly perfect for you. It takes you step by step from the very beginning to an advanced level.

What I will say though is no matter how advanced you are, you will definitely find some tips in there that are invaluable. 

Michelle paired up with some awesome people within the blogging industry and serves up some great bonuses.

How much content is in there? How is it spaced out?


There are 6 Modules with 30 Lessons in total. It does not take long to go through and really depends on how much time you have on your hands. 

You also have a workbook that helps you take notes, stay focused and grow as a blogger. 

I would suggest writing things down as you go through the course so that you can implement the stuff that could work for you. 

There are also some great bonuses that add a lot of value to the course.

What are the course's bonuses?

The total price of the courseat the moment is $197 if you pay it upfront or 2 payments of $105 (over a period of 2 months). 

I would honestly say $200 is too much for the course if it did not have these bonuses. For me, personally, the bonuses are what 100% made it worth the money. I would be a bit on the fence about the price if it wasn't for the extras.

So, here are some of the extras:

  • Pinterest Tips: As I mentioned before, Michelle invited some awesome people from the blogging world to add lessons within this course as bonuses. Lauren McManus is pretty much regarded as a Pinterest Guru and makes millions selling her Pinterest course. She has a video lesson that was part of the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course. I thought it was super helpful and it really gave me a boost regarding my Pinterest traffic.
  • Affiliate Program Approval Tips: Justine was another pro Michelle added on to the course curriculum. She does a lesson talking about the various things you can do while applying to courses that helps you get accepted. She managed the affiliate programs for some big companies for FreshBooks and Shopify so I did appreciate an insider's view.
  • Writing/Editing Strategies: One of the lessons was handled by Michelle's editor and it included some great writing tips that have helped me improve the quality of my content.
  • Facebook Ads: A lot of bloggers have mastered the use of Facebook Ads where they have managed to get their cost of Facebook ads down to a point where the make more profit on the visits they receive than what they spend on the ads. This takes years of strategy and technique. One of the bonuses was a lesson from Monica Louie who has worked with companies to get the Cost Per Click on Facebook Ads down to $0.02 which means they make up for the cost in affiliate sales. This is awesome if you ever plan on utilizing Facebook ads.

There are other bonuses as well but these are the three that I found the most value from and made the course worth it for me personally. 

Facebook Mastermind Group


Something that I find underrated about this course is the Facebook group. I really like the community within it and have found a lot of help from the group.

I have had issues with different social media, my website, etc. and there is always tips and stuff from fellow bloggers whenever I post on to the group.

I am part of about 5 groups on Facebook and have been part of more that I left so I know that it is hard to find one where the members are actually active and super helpful.

So, this was just something I had to add because I really like this bit. 

It is the best Facebook group I am on, she has a share day where you can share any one link of yours which really boosts my traffic and she even has two sessions a month where you can ask Michelle anything you like which means constantly having a free mentor in a way.

Other stuff I liked from the course:

  • One of the lessons I like within the course was the one where Michelle talked about the various affiliate programs she recommends. I appreciated this one because I know how many lousy affiliate programs there are out there and to get a condensed list of the programs worth promoting really saved me time.
  • I also particularly liked her maintenance checklist for the blog. Running a blog is so much work and I always feel like I am forgetting something. This list is just a way of keeping things running smoothly.
  • One of the modules goes over all the rules you have to follow while promoting products which is also helpful for any newbie.
  • Her strategies in general help you work on your own or get ideas.

Cons of the course

  • Some of it was definitely stuff I already knew as I have previously mentioned but as I said before, the bonuses and strategies made up for it and in the end, I felt like I had got my money's worth. If you are already super-advanced, this may not be right for you.
  • I did not like the excessive amount of worksheets the course had but that is purely because I like to jot down stuff in my own way without the use of worksheets. This may be different for you.
  • It is very text-y and not video-based (already mentioned this). This may or may not work for you. 

Did it help me?

Yes but not immediately. 

Some people go on about how they made an affiliate sale 24 hrs after they finished a course and maybe they did but I never have. I never went in expecting a miracle like that anyway.

I received some awesome tips that did help me increase my affiliate income but it did take me a few weeks to really implement them into my content. I don't know whether that is just me but that has been my personal experience.

I also did this alongside other skills I picked up like improving my Pinterest Strategy. So, it is a piece of the puzzle that helped me improve. An important piece though.

It's like if you have a college degree and learn a whole lot through the span of 4 years, you are not going to leave and implement it all in 24 hours. 

So, I was quite okay with the fact that I saw results after a bit of time. I expected it.

Will it help you?

This depends on where you are at in your blogging career. If you are already earning thousands from affiliate marketing, you are not going to benefit from this as much as a beginner would because you probably already know 8/10 of these tips.

If you are new to affiliate marketing or even making a couple of hundred, this would work well for you. It teaches you stuff you would ordinarily take a couple of years in the blogging world to pick up which is what I found great.

I would also say you should have at least a few hundred visitors if you expect the course to work. Michelle can give you great strategies but she cannot gift you traffic. 

Even if you take the course now, that is fine but you will still need to build traffic alongside implementing the strategies. 

Can I find the content in the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course online for free?

I cannot properly answer this because I don't think I have really tried. It sounds pretty absurd to me that you will be able to find the content online. 

This comes from Michelle's experience in the blogging world and everyone's experience is different.

So, while I am sure you may find certain basic tips and explanations, the bulk of the course really cannot be replicated.

Even the stuff you do find, would be scattered around the web and pretty hard to put together even if you do manage to find some of it in a bunch of YouTube videos and stuff.

Another perk of the course is that you can become an affiliate at the end which is the only way to become an affiliate for it. You receive an awesome commission of 40% which means you earn $78.80 if someone buys the course through your affiliate link. This can be a great affiliate program to be apart of since loads of people are interested in Michelle's course.

(If the course is purchased through the slightly more expensive payment plan, you receive $84- also 40% of the amount)

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